The power of transparency and accessibility in whole loan trading

Company Overview

Founded in 2008, LTVtrade™ seeks to alter the business of residential whole loan mortgage and residential REO trading through an open, accessible, and transparent, secondary market platform which focuses on meeting the needs of the largest and smallest financial institutions, small local funds and savvy accredited investors.

In 2010, the LTVtrade™ Marketplace trading engine proved its scalability via successful stress testing of $4 billion in mock trading activity and the LTVtrade™ Services Continuum was formed as a comprehensive network of industry experts and servicers to provide buyers and sellers with data pertaining to past transactions, valuations, online loan documentation review, technical assistance and back office support, including confirming deposits, tracking payments, escrow services, settlement services and, ultimately, the compilation of transaction data for dissemination to future buyers and sellers. In 2010, LTVtrade’s wholly owned subsidiary, DSRM Brokerage LLC, gained approval from FINRA as a registered broker-dealer.  All investments available at are offered through DSRM Brokerage LLC.

As the US regulatory reform process evolves and as government policymakers work to bring greater clarity to the future of the US mortgage market, LTVtrade™ continues to accumulate a network of clients, investors, and service providers dedicated to seeing the emergence of an open, accessible, and transparent secondary market for residential mortgage and whole loan trading.

Industry and Company News

01-09-2015 LTVtrade completes sale of DSRM Brokerage to Funding Circle Securities
09-06-2013 LTVtrade Press Release - LTVtrade Expands Advisory Board with Three Industry Veterans
04-04-2013 LTVtrade Press Release - LTVtrade licenses technology to Lienstream LLC to bring transparency and accessibility to tax lien trading

12-04-2012 LTVtrade Press Release -  LTVtrade comments on FHFA whitepaper on Secondary Mortgage Market
11-16-2012 HUD Press Release -  FHA Issues Annual Financial Status Report to Congress
10-09-2012  American Banker - FHFA's Vision for MBS Platform: Ambitious, Laudable, Dicey
LTVtrade Press Release – LTVtrade adds John D. Koch to its Board of Advisors
06-18-2012 Wall Street Journal: Homeowner Aid Boosts Big Banks
05-03-2012 Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Wells Fargo: King of Mortgages
04-17-2012 LTVtrade Press Release – LTVtrade adds Diane Casey-Landry to its Board of Advisors
04-12-2012 The Huffington Post – TARP Bailout Money Fails to Reach Neediest Homeowners After Two Years: Report
03-08-2012 LTVtrade Press Release – The Honorable Michael G. Oxley joins the LTVtrade Board of Advisors
02-24-2012 Housing Wire – Wells Fargo to expand GSE-free mortgage lending
01-25-2012 LTVtrade Press Release – Meyer "Sandy" Frucher Joins the LTVtrade Board of Advisors.
01-17-2012 CNNMoney – Housing: The one bailout America could really use
01-04-2012 Federal Reserve Housing White Paper - “The U.S. Housing Market Current Conditions and Policy Considerations”